Contiki ekit global phonecard & sim card

Last Updated: 30th Sep 2014

In the Contiki travel documents we send you a few weeks before you leave for your tour, you’ll receive a Contiki ekit Global Phone Card. This is for use from public phones or land lines around Europe and offers a better rate than public phones. Get more information at

Alternatively, if you have an unlocked phone you can purchase an ekit sim card to be used around Europe. You can buy both a regular sim and a micro-sim (for iPhone 4) at the Contiki Basement in London or they’re available for purchase by post before your tour. It works like a normal sim card with reasonable rates for calling & texting overseas. For example, the sims have an improved data plan that only cost $1 / MB. And you can top up online or your family can top you up back home.

One reason why it’s better than buying a local sim card (from Vodafone, O2, etc) is that you can top it up from anywhere; most local UK sims can ONLY be topped up in the UK (likewise, Italy Sims can ONLY be topped up in Italy, etc). Another reason is that the sim has free global roaming in most of Europe, which means you don’t pay extra costs to make/recieve phone calls & texts when you travel from country to country.

Additionaly, the ekit sim cards offers a cool Travel Journal feature. Each day the sim ‘pings’ you to a location and maps your progress as you travel around Europe. You can email or text updates to your journal and even upload pictures.



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