Contiki ekit global phonecard & sim card

Last Updated: 30th Sep 2014

<p><img src="" class="rightwise" alt="" /></p> <p>In the <a href="/contikipedia/articles/contiki-travel-documents">Contiki travel documents</a> we send you a few weeks before you leave for your tour, you&#8217;ll receive a Contiki ekit Global Phone Card. This is for use from public phones or land lines around Europe and offers a better rate than public phones. Get more information at <a href=""></a>.</p> <p>Alternatively, if you have an unlocked phone you can purchase an ekit sim card to be used around Europe. You can buy both a regular sim and a micro-sim (for iPhone 4) at the Contiki Basement in London or they&#8217;re available for <a href="">purchase by post</a> before your tour. It works like a normal sim card with reasonable rates for calling &amp; texting overseas. For example, the sims have an improved data plan that only cost $1 / MB. And you can top up online or your family can top you up back home.</p> <p>One reason why it’s better than buying a local sim card (from Vodafone, O2, etc) is that you can top it up from anywhere; most local UK sims can <span class="caps">ONLY</span> be topped up in the UK (likewise, Italy Sims can <span class="caps">ONLY</span> be topped up in Italy, etc). Another reason is that the sim has free global roaming in most of Europe, which means you don&#8217;t pay extra costs to make/recieve phone calls &amp; texts when you travel from country to country.</p> <p>Additionaly, the ekit sim cards offers a cool <a href="">Travel Journal feature</a>. Each day the sim &#8216;pings&#8217; you to a location and maps your progress as you travel around Europe. You can email or text updates to your journal and even upload pictures.</p>