Contiki Village

Last Updated: 21st Oct 2013

contiki village cabin

Contiki Villages are used as accommodation on Concept/Budget Tours and some Camping Tours in Europe.

The cabins at our Contiki Villages have proven hugely popular and for good reason. Our Contiki Villages are situated in exclusive parts of Europe’s top campsites and are very well equipped with shops, bars, restaurants on site. Most are usually within a short public transport ride from the center of the cities and accommodations are in cabins that are usually shared between 2 to 4 people. Facilities vary from campsite to campsite with most sites utilizing shared showers and bathroom facilities while others contain private bathrooms in each cabin and your own towel and sleeping bag are a must on any Concept/Budget Tour or Camping Tour staying in our Contiki Villages.

The campsites where our Villages are located are also home to lively bars, shops with some even having pools, restaurants and a thriving nightlife. Gorgeous beaches and other hot sports are often near by while the cities centers are also within easy reach.

contiki village paris

Some of the examples of campsites where our exclusive Contiki Villages are located include:



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