Last Updated: 28th Jan 2014

<p><img src="" class="rightwise" alt="" /></p> <p>Corfu, one of the Ionian Islands of north-western <a href="/contikipedia/articles/greece">Greece</a>, is one of the largest islands and is also the greenest.</p> <p>No matter where you stay or what you do, visiting Corfu is a pure holiday. Chill out, relax by the pool while sipping a cocktail or get out and about to the beaches, party till the sun comes up or enjoy a laid back lunch after shopping in the Old Town. The attitude of the locals here in Corfu seems to be even more casual then the rest of the Greeks and</p> <p><img src="" class="rightwise" alt="" /></p> <h2>Things to Do and See</h2> <p>Corfu is a place to chill out, relax and enjoy Greek island living at perhaps its best. There are however loads of activities to get up to on this most famous of the Ionian Islands.</p> <p>Chilling out, relaxing, enjoying a Greek salad, gyros and the summer sun maybe the simplest, but also the best way to enjoy the island.</p> <h2>Car Hire</h2> <p>Car Hire is almost a must in order to get out and explore the length and breadth of the island and visit the small, but spectacular Palekostritsa or vast sand beach of Glafada.</p> <h2>Watersports</h2> <p>Watersports too are another very attractive option on the island with parasailing, tube rides, water skiing and the infamous &#8216;flyfish&#8217; also being hugely popular.</p> <h2>Optional Excursions</h2> <p><a href="/contikipedia/articles/george-s-boat-corfu">George&#8217;s Boat</a> is an optional excursion not to be missed while the Taverna Gloupos <a href="/contikipedia/articles/dinner-and-greek-dancing-corfu">Greek Dinner and Dancing</a> evening is also on offer.</p> <h2>Bars, Clubs and Parties</h2> <p>Legendary Toga parties are a highlight of staying at the Concept/Budget Hotel Frini and are guaranteed to go off. Dassia Beach, while a little isolated, is definitely worth the journey to party on the beach at a whole range of clubs like &#8216;Edam&#8217;. Corfu Town also offers small but enticing bars clubs on the weekends when many of the locals come out to play.</p> <p>You may well find yourself waking up on a beach with nothing better to do than rest, relax and get ready do it all again.</p> <h2>Shopping</h2> <p>Generally the prices in Greece for most things is a little cheaper than the rest of Europe. Corfu Town provides a great mix of the old and the new with the main street full of the regular retail fare expected of a resort town while the Old Town is a maze of streets and alleyways (originally built this way to confuse pirates) filled with markets and stalls. Fantastic just to walk around in and get lost and great fun to try and bargain and barter with the every savvy shopkeepers.</p>