Covent Garden

Last Updated: 16th Nov 2013

Covent Garden in the centre of London is not a ‘garden’ in the traditional sense, but is actually a lively square and surrounding area with lots of fun and nightlife, shops, pubs and more.

A short walk from Russell Square, Covent Garden offers plenty of places to party and have a wild time with tour mates and most anyone, and equally has plenty of places to just relax with a drink and kick back.

Some cool night spots thrive deep under the street in various lounges and bars. Unique little shops are dotted around the periphery, which are interesting if you visit before closing time.

Leaving Covent Garden, you can quickly reach the Thames River for great photo ops of many of London’s famous sights.

Overall, Covent Garden is a fun place to go with friends to end the day with a bang.



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