Drinking age

Last Updated: 10th Dec 2013

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Drinking age varied from country to country and sometimes from region to region.

Valid Identification

What qualifies as a valid form of ID and proof of age varies from region to region and even place to place. Some bars in Europe will let almost anyone inside while entry and service will be refused to even the oldest clients in Australia, New Zealand and the USA or Canada if they cannot prove their age.

A valid Driver’s License from your home country is usually sufficient no matter when you travel but nothing beats having your Passport on hand, particularly when travelling in a foreign country.


Again, the enforcement of these restrictions and the need for identification will vary from region to region and this is a general guide for the whole of Europe. 18 is the oldest you must be to drink in any European country.

Please Note: Different laws apply for the legal drinking age in Sweden.



Laws vary between 18 and 19 from Province to Province.


New Zealand