Edinburgh Castle and the Stone of Destiny

Last Updated: 7th Jun 2012

edinburgh castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle has evolved into its current state through various renovations and additions carried out between the 12th to the 20th century. It has been used as a fortress, royal palace, military garrison and even as a prison. The Castle is home to the tiny St Margaret’s Chapel, Edinburgh’s oldest building and the Great Hall with its impressive hammerbeam roof was built by James IV. Visting the Castle is a must for anyone taking in the city.

The Stone of Destiny

As well as being one of the most well known castles in the world, Edinburgh Castle is also home to the Stone of Destiny (aka: the Stone of Scone) – a block of stone on which the ancient Scottish kings sat during coronation ceremonies.

The stone was seized by the English in the 1200’s and not returned until 1996. Some legends even link the Stone of Destiny to the Blarney Stone in Ireland. Although it now resides in the castle, it is still used in the coronation ceremonies of all British monarchs.



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