Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Last Updated: 18th Feb 2014

<p>The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is held on the Esplanade with <a href="/contikipedia/articles/edinburgh-castle-and-the-stone-of-destiny">Edinburgh Castle</a> as a backdrop and is held over a 3 week period every year.</p> <p>An international display of performance art and music it also features emotive music from the Scottish bagpipes and horns, highland dancers and spectacular fireworks.</p> <p>The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is truly one of the most amazing events in the entire world and vibe, atmosphere and spectacle has to be experienced to be understood and the Tattoo is a great excuse to travel to <a href="/contikipedia/articles/edinburgh">Edinburgh</a> or Europe in general.</p> <h5>More information about our Edinburgh Festival &amp; Military Tattoo tour package</h5> <p>Find full itinerary, optional excursions, highlights, maps, booking, departure dates and more at <a href="/tours/167-edinburgh-military-tattoo">Edinburgh Festival &amp; Military Tattoo</a>. Additionally, some departures of our 5 day <a href="/tours/151-scotland">Scotland</a> tour, 8 day <a href="/tours/127-great-britain">Great Britain</a> tour, and 15 day <a href="/tours/128-great-britain-southern-ireland">Great Britain &amp; Southern Ireland</a> tour visit Edinburgh during the Festival and Military Tattoo. Check individual tours for these special departures.</p>