Last Updated: 28th Nov 2014

ST Marks Venice

Europe is easily one of the most diverse regions of the world. With over 40 countries linked together on the second smallest continent in the world, the variety and range of cultures and experiences Europe provides is simply second to none. With over 60 itineraries as well as custom and charter tour, Contiki’s Europe provides something for every traveler, adventurer, vacationer or holiday maker.


Italy, France and Spain are but a few of the Countries Contiki visits in Europe

Sights and Attractions

From art museums, monuments, ancient wonders and historical sights to beaches, alps and bars and clubs Europe has some of the most famous Sights and Attractions in the world

European Tour Advice

From what to pack to spending money, and what shoes – Our European Tour and Travel Advice has got it covered!


You don’t need to be a language expert to travel through Europe. Your Tour Manager will help you out with the local lingo but if you’d like to know a little before you go check out some of our European Language Basics


Check out information and links on visas for travelling in Europe.


Check out where you stay during Concept/budget tours, some of the hotels we use on our Time Out/Superior/Hotel Tours and what you should expect when traveling on a Camping Tour

Optional Excursions

Contiki’s Optional Excursions are offered to help personalize your tour and help you make the most of your free time.



Visas? Money? Where to go? Chat to us about travel.