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Last Updated: 7th Jun 2012

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People travel to Europe for it’s art, culture, history, food….and some of the most famous sporting events and completions in the world!

European tour itineraries are packed full of activities but you still loads of free time (particularly on two or more night stops) during your tour, as well as before and after your tour to catch a European sporting event.

Without question, in Europe, football (aka soccer) is king and generally speaking, there is no other sport Europeans are more passionate about.

Every country has their own domestic league while international qualifiers, friendlys and matches see the fans turn out en mass to support their home teams. The UEFA Champions League as well as the UEFA cup are also extremely popular competitions and are considered the pinnacle of European Club football while the European Championships come around once every four years and are an event akin to the World Cup.

Prime places to check out a football match include London, Barcelona, Madrid, “Rome”::/contikipedia/articles/rome, “Munich”::/contikipedia/articles/munich or “Berlin”::/contikipedia/articles/berlin and even just being in a bar or other venue where the faithful congregate to watch a match can be an event to remember.

Football however is only the beginning as some of the more popular sports throughout Europe also include motor racing, rugby football and tennis, to go along with all the other sports that are unique to each region of the continent (such as bull fighting in Madrid or Cricket in England).

Check the official league sites for schedules to see who’s playing while you’re on tour or to plan your tour around an event.

Football (Soccer) Leagues

League Home teams you can see on tour
French League Paris St Germain, Olympic Lyon, Monaco, Nice
Spanish La Liga Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Espanyol
English Premier League Any London teams including Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham
Italian Seire A AS Roma & Lazio (Rome), Fiorentina (Florence), AC Milan, Inter Milan (Milan)
German Bundesliga Hertha Berlin, Bayern Munich & TSV 1860 (Munich)
Dutch Eredivisie Ajax Amsterdam
Greece Panananinikas (Athens)
UEFA – Champions League & Cup Europe-wide

Check also: FIFA and ESPN Soccernet for more information

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