Ferrari Factory, Maranello, Italy

Last Updated: 16th Feb 2011

ferrari, maranello

The Ferrari Factory in Maranello, Italy is not part of any scheduled Contiki itinerary.

The Ferrari facility is pretty much out in the middle of now where on the edge of a little town called Maranello in the central north of Italy. The town was not well know at all (but for a few dairy factories) until Enzo Ferrari moved his ‘Scuderra Ferrari’ racing team from the near by town of Modena into a factory there after the Second World War.

Marinello is home to the Ferrari factory itself as well as the Galleria Ferrari museum and (although its technically not part of the town of Maranello) Ferrari’s own testing track.

You can’t actually tour the factory itself unless you own (or are seriously looking at owning) a Ferrari or go with someone who does. If you buy one from the factory they can custom fit the seat and console for you at the factory….pretty cool… Otherwise you’re chances of getting inside the factory are pretty much nil.

The Galleria Ferrari is a little pricey to get into but but there is a lot of history, a few key cars from the history and development of Ferrari as well as Formula 1 trophies and some of their old F1 cars. here is also loads of information about the history and development of their cars and even a Enzo’s original office that has been transplanted there from its original home.

The test track is private, and again, unless you plan to own a Ferrari or drive professionally for them, your chances of getting onto the track itself are almost non-existent. The track (or ‘Pista’ in Italian) is officially it’s in the commune of Fiorano and you have to stand on an overpass to sneak a peak at what (if anything) is going on there.

There are often Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s littering the streets but you’re just as likely to see just as an amazing range of cars in Monaco.

Lamborghini is also in the same area (as is Ducatti) and you can actually take factory tours of Lamborghini and see them being made plus their museum is arguably better.

Again, it should be noted that the Ferrari Factory is not part of any scheduled Contiki itinerary.

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