Food and Drink - Germany

Last Updated: 24th Feb 2014

Like the country itself, the foods across Germany are varied from region to region. Authentic German specialties however you cannot go past sauerkraut(Boiled cabbage), pork schnitzels, kartoffel (potato) salads, a variety of wursts (sausage). The roasted pork knuckle of Bavaria is a favorite in beer halls across the region.

Beer is considered a human right in Germany, so much so that there is a Federal law (known as the Purity Law) that dictates what ingredients can be used in beer brewed in Germany. With over 5000 recognized brands of beer including Becks, Hofbrau, Lowenbrau, Bitburger, Spaten and Altenmunster, variety of styles and tastes is enough to make your head spin. Munich is considered by many to have the best beer in the country and is also home and birthplace of the world famous Oktoberfest (aka ‘Beerfest’).

Germany also has an excellent reputation for producing wines. The Rhine Valley region in particular produces some of the best Riesling wines (not to mention, Ice Wines) in the world while a little further south the Kaiserslautern Vineyards also have world renown.

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