Food and Drink - Vienna

Last Updated: 7th Jun 2012

sacher torte, vienna

Although Austria is famous for schnitzel and schnaps this is only the surface of what the capital of Vienna has to offer the traveling connoisseur.

Cafes and Coffee Houses

Viennese coffee house culture is famous the world over. Sit back and relax in a street side cafe or maybe take the time to search out one of opulent rooms of some of the city’s more classy establishments.

Strudel and Sachertorte

Coffee however is just the beginning with a delectable variety of authentic Austrian strudel, pastries and cakes available, the least of which is the famous ‘sachertorte’ chocolate cake.


One thing the Austrians take very seriously is their schnaps. Liquors are distilled from almost anything the Austrians can get their hands on to produce a myriad of tastes from the sweet and creamy to the herbal and bitter. Most Contiki tours visiting Vienna offer an excursion to the Old Vienna Schaps Museum giving you the chance to learn a little about one of Austria’s most famous exports, and more importantly, sample some of the finest schnaps in the country.

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