Galleria San Marco Glass Factory, Venice

Last Updated: 31st Aug 2012

<p>The Galleria San Marco Glass Factory in <a href="/contikipedia/articles/venice">Venice</a> provides free glass blowing demonstrations to Contiki Tours visiting Venice, <a href="/contikipedia/articles/italy">Italy</a>. Although the island of Venice itself is not famous in itself for glass blowing, the island of Murano, just north of the city is world renowned for its glass making.</p> <p>The San Marco Glass Factory employs some of the most well known and most creative &#8216;maestros&#8217; in Venice and also sells authentic, hand made Venetian glass.</p> <p>&#8220;To see an experienced authentic glass blower make a vase or a horse ın a matter of seconds, right before your eyes is a very cool experience&#8230; everyone leaves sayıng `whoa&#8230; how&#8217;d he do that!´&#8221;</p> <p>- David Semmens, Tour Manager, Europe</p>