Getting to Mykonos

Last Updated: 7th Jun 2012

Mykonos is one of the Cycladic Islands of Greece

You can take one of the myriad of Greek ferries to Mykonos or you can also fly by plane.

Making your own way to Mykonos from Athens

During the summer ferries, are like buses to the Greeks.

You can take a metro from Athens or from Athens airport to the port of Piraeus easily. Taxis are also a reasonably cheap and easy way to get to Piraeus from Athens city or Glyfada.

Some of the more frequent and reliable ferries to Mykonos include Hellenic Seaways. And although there are loads of ticket outlets at the port it may pay to get on line and book some tickets in advance. Greece can get insanely busy during the summer and it’s usually best to pick up some tickets a few days in advance, particularly if you are travelling around the weekend.



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