Grand Teton Natonal Park

Last Updated: 16th Feb 2011

grand teton national park

by – davidg, Tour Manager, North America

It’s impossible to miss the Grand Teton Mountain Range as it towers up over the Wyoming plains. At over 4300m (13,000 ft) the three peaks are arguably the USA’s most famous mountain range and they have been sculpted by eons of wind, rain, snow, and glacial action.

Technically, the mountain range is made up of 3 peaks (the Middle, South and Grand Teton) but the park is best known for the two largest peaks. Controversy also surrounds the origin of the name. Some believe that is comes from the French ‘Grand Teton’ meaning ‘Big Teat’ and looking form of the mountains, this seems very plausible. Others however maintain that they take their name from a local tribe of Native Americans.

Regardless, hiking and mountain climbing are very popular in the area while the National Park is also home to eight major lakes as well as many small bodies of water, 12 glaciers numerous snowfields and extensive forests of fir, pine and spruce.



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