Guided Imperial Tour, Rome

Last Updated: 8th Mar 2014

roman forum

by – loulou, Tour Manager, Europe

The first time I came to Rome, I was astounded by the ancient ruins of the birthplace of civilisation itself. However, to me, walking through the ancient “Roman Forum”::/contikipedia/articles/roman-forum, the heart of life itself for an astounding 1,000years, all I saw was a pile of rocks – The stories, the intrigues, the assassination attempts and the gossip that passed across this ancient landscape was completely lost to me, and I missed the experience of walking back in time.

The tour brings these to life, from the horrendous stories erupting from the Colosseum’s glory days, the reason it is called the Flavian amphitheater, the house of the Vestal Virgins (and how one naughty vestal virgin started the birth of Rome, with Romulus and Remus). It is so important to understand the Roman Empire in this way, as this is where most of civilisation across the world originated from. The tour lasts for approximately 1hr 15mins, and its a perfect way to explain the history of all the other places we visit – most of which were started by the Roman Empire.

guided tour, rome

Tour Manager Opinions

“The wonder of Rome is being able to walk amongst old and new…here is a city layered in ancient civilisation. The Imperial Forum was once the heart of ancient Rome where the people and the Senate gathered and worked. This experience allows you to travel beneath todays world and travel back to the time of the Caesars. Travelling with a local guide demystifies the past as meaningless ruins come to life allowing you to picture ancient roman civilisation…I recommend this to those with an interest in history and these are the people who attend.”

by – Vicki, Tour Manager, Europe

The Guided Imperial Tour is an optional excursion offered to most Contiki Europe Tours visiting Rome, Italy.



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