Hot Air Ballooning, Phoenix

Last Updated: 7th Sep 2011

hot air balloon, phoenix

by – Alex McCarty, Tour Manager, North America

The Sonoran Desert envelopes the city of Phoenix, and most its suburbs, creating what is widely known as the ‘Valley of the Sun’.

The wildlife here (rattlesnakes, coyotes and several kinds of lizards) is a testament to the harsh and desolate environment where they thrive, and with one of America’s fastest growing cities as a backdrop, all combine to make ballooning in this region of the world unforgettable. In the early morning hours your pilots will drive you from your hotel to the launch site, where you will watch the balloons being inflated. Usually between 6 and 10 people will stand aboard one balloon, as the pilot feeds hot air to the canopy and you begin to rise almost imperceptibly off the ground and toward the heavens.

hot air ballooning breakfast, phoenix

The actual speed of the wind will determine how high and how far you travel, making hot air ballooning by far the safest mode of air transportation. Some flights reach an elevation of 6000 feet above sea level (well over a mile high!).

Upon landing you and your fellow aviators will receive a traditional ballooning breakfast, (including champagne) for no additional charge.

For a breathtaking and peaceful experience few things can compare to floating over the Arizona desert in a hot air balloon!

Hot Air Ballooning is offered as an optional excursion on Contiki USA Tours visiting Phoenix, while you can also go Hot Air Ballooning in Albuquerque.



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