How many people are on a tour?

Last Updated: 12th Oct 2012

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As with all tours, every tour group is of a unique make up but it is not unusual for there to be anywhere from around 20 up to around 50 people on travel on any given tour.

Most tours in Europe and Canada have the same number of people on them from start to finish while tours in the USA, Australia and New Zealand are modulated parts of longer tours. For Example, the 7 day California Highlights runs as a section of the longer 14 day Wild Western.

Travellers on the 7 day tour start in Las Vegas where as the people on the 14 Day tour begin their tour in Anaheim (LA) a few days earlier. The travellers on the 7 day tour join onto the 14 day tour when it reaches Las Vegas.

The number of people on modulated tours therefore changes as people begin and end their tours.


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