How much digital memory should I take?

Last Updated: 21st Aug 2014

digital camera

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When it comes to taking photos everyone is different, and there is no one answer but here are some thoughts from past travellers that may give you an idea.

Past Traveller’s Advice

“Went to Italy for 2 weeks and used almost 3 × 1gb cards”

-Dominique Giordano, Contiki Forums, Posted 19 Jun 2007

“I’m away in Sept for 2 months and I am considering taking 2 × 2gb memory cards… I like to take heaps of pics which make for great memories.”

-Nadia, Melbourne, Australia, Contiki Forums, Posted 19 Jun 2007

“Remember, memory cards can go corrupt. Do NOT get a brand new card before you go. Get it before so you can test it out, put them on your computer, and let it work for a while. If it works a few months before, it should be ok. You don’t want to spend $5000 on a vacation to lose 500 photos. I’m also taking my regular camera with a couple rolls of film [40 pictures] just in case something crazy happens. I’m also getting a water camera for the Austrian rafting.”

-Jeremy, Contiki Forums, Posted 19 Jun 2007

“For me, photos will be my main souvenir, I don’t intend to spend much while I’m in Europe and an extra $100 before I go on memory doesn’t seem too bad to me.

I went to NZ for 2 weeks and took 800photos, and I know that was minor, because I could only recharge my battery every 3 days (didn’t have power) so I was really careful. I could have taken more than triple. I’m going to Europe for a month so I probably only need 5 GB, but I’m taking extra just in case…"

-ashleightara, Brisbane, Australia, Contiki Forums, Posted 19 Jun 2007



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