How to book your hotel in London

Last Updated: 13th Nov 2013

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You’re free to stay where ever you like in London but a vast majority of people travelling on Contiki Tours departing from or arriving in London choose to stay at either the Royal National or Imperial Hotel.

This is convenient as the Royal National is Contiki’s London arrival and departure point (the Imperial is a short walk from the Royal National).

It is advised to book in advance through your travel agent or Contiki as both hotels, while large, can sometimes book out, but also because booking this way is cheaper than directly through the hotel.

How to Book

Book through your travel agent or with Contiki when you make your tour reservation.

If you wish to share with a friend in London, you must book together at the same time (couples travelling together must book a twin, not a triple).

If you are travelling on your own, we will share you up with a same-sex room mate in a twin or triple room. Your roommates in London are not necessarily your roommates on tour.


Full payment is required 45 days before the first night of accommodation For cancellation policy, please refer to the booking conditions Any amendments to hotel bookings in incur an administrative charge Usually the rooms are ready for checking by 2pm on the first date the room is booked.

Please note: double beds are not available at the Royal National or Imperial Hotels.



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