If you miss the coach – Europe

Last Updated: 20th May 2014

contiki coach, europe

Contiki will help arrange for you to catch up with the tour, but you will be responsible for any travel or other expenses incurred.

London Departures

Should you miss the coach, please contact the Contiki Representative immediately at the Contiki Basement at the Royal National Hotel on 020 7637 0802. They will give you specific details on how to join your tour.

Athens, Cairo or Istanbul Departures

Please contact the Contiki Agents on the telephone numbers listed in your itinerary (part of your Contiki Travel Documents that you receive after booking your tour.

Departure from other cities

Should you miss the coach on the first day of the tour the hotel reception of the departure hotel will be able to help you with how catch up with your tour. The accommodation address in your next destination city will be in your Contiki Travel Documents.



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