Last Updated: 11th Sep 2014

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Capital: Rome

Currency: Euro

Language: Italian, English occasionally

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Italy (Italian: Italia) conjures dreams of love, romance, beautiful food, people and language. Italy has inspired countless poets, writers and film makers and continues to entice tens of millions of people to visit this diverse country every year.

The deep history that is visible in its buildings, art, architecture and people is also a major draw-card along with family ties that stretch back generations drawing Italians from all over the world ‘home’. Even for the uninitiated, the promise of seeing some of the most famous and celebrated sites in the world like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum of Rome, St Peters Basilica and the roof of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican the gondolas of Venice and the food, art and culture of Florence (to name too few) creates a sense of excitement.

Simply the idea of ‘Italy’ inspires many to travel there to experience it for themselves.

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