Jasper National Park

Last Updated: 13th Nov 2013

<p>The amazing variety of landscapes as well as it&#8217;s lakes make Jasper a huge draw card for nature loves and those who want to be inspired by amazing natural beauty.</p> <p>Lake Maligane is the largest of the lakes in the Park, while the Colombia Icefield is between 600 and 900 meters thick and is the largest mass of ice anywhere in the <a href="/contikipedia/articles/rocky-mountains">Rocky Mountains</a>. The run off from the Colombia field amazingly feeds into not only the Arctic Ocean, but also on both coasts into the Pacific and the Atlantic.</p> <p>The whole park was once the floor of an ocean that covered North America and eventually internal pressure from within the earth pushed the rock above the water and erosion carved the current peaks and valleys and is named after Jasper Hawes, the former manager of the Hudson Bay Trading Company that had an outpost in the area.</p>