Manners and Customs - Germany

Last Updated: 24th Feb 2014

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No Matter where you travel, it’s always best to understand a little of the language, manners and customs of your host country in order to be polite and respectful to the locals. A few of these hints and tips may help you out as you tour through Germany while it’s also helpful to know a little German.

Contiki’s tour managers live and work in Europe full time and are also on hand to help you out throughout your tour.

  • Measures of politeness varies slightly from region to region, however tradition and manners are important through out the country
  • The people of Bavaria in the south have a much more laid back attitude to life than their north German counterparts while Berlin still seems undecided on the issue
  • Traditionally Germans have a great deal of respect for their elders but this is changing a little with the younger generations
  • Beer is as important to the Germans as wine is to Italians
  • A tip of around 10% is appreciated for good service
  • Jaywalking, the Nazi party, its symbols and the fascist salute are illegal
  • Young Germans, even though they have no direct link to the events of the Second World War, are extremely aware and conscious or the circumstances and factors contributing to the War. Unfortunately this feeling of disassociated guilt clearly weighs heavily on the national psyche and for this reason it is very inconsiderate to bring up the subject of the War with Germans. Associated with this, traditionally expressions of German Nationalism are frowned upon (This thankfully was put on hold during the celebrations of World Cup of Football in 2006) and it is unusual for Germans to celebrate their own country
  • Germans are very friendly and often proud of their ability to speak English

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