Manners and Customs - Greece

Last Updated: 7th Jun 2012

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No Matter where you travel, it’s always best to understand a little of the language, manners and customs of your host country in order to be polite and respectful to the locals. A few of these hints and tips may help you out as you tour through Greece while it’s also helpful to know a little Greek.

Contiki’s tour managers live and work in Europe full time and are also on hand to help you out throughout your tour.

  • Although you will see and hear the Greek language everywhere (still written in the same characters developed by the ancients 1000’s of years ago) nearly everyone speaks English, if they don’t, like everything else, it doesn’t matter, the locals are always friendly and ready to help.
  • Greece is a country of islands and the Greeks have a deep affiliation with the sea while their economy is built on shipping and trade (made most famous by Aristotle Onassis). It’s almost impossible to get around the country without using boats and ferries, an experience that must be had.
  • The Greeks have a super relaxed and casual attitude towards life. Time means very little and most of the country operates on ‘Greek time’.
  • Family, food, and dancing are very important
  • Tipping of around 10% is considered polite

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