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Last Updated: 1st Mar 2013

<p>!(rightwise) concept/budget meals, europe)!</p> <p>One of the most amazing things about Europe is it&#8217;s diversity and one of the place this is most apparent form country to country is in their food. From full English breakfasts to the pasta of Italy, coffee and croissants in France and schnitzel with noodles in Austria&#8230;we&#8217;ve got it covered.</p> <p>Included in the cost of your tour is a number of included meals. Breakfast is always included on all European Contiki Tours while lunch very rarely included and is almost always up to you. On any given tour toughly half your evening meals are also included. Like every other aspect of our tours, you don&#8217;t have to attend or eat the included meals but they are planed as inclusions to fit in with your itinerary and help you get the most out of your tour.</p> <h2>What Meals are Included?</h2> <p>Included meals vary depending on the style of tour you choose and included meals are indicated on each individual itinerary with a (B) for included breakfast, (L) for included lunch and (D) for included dinner.</p> <h2>Concept/Budget Tours</h2> <p>Included meals on <a href="/contikipedia/articles/concept-budget-tours">Concept/Budget Tours</a></p> <ul> <li>Breakfast is always included on all European Contiki Tours. Concept/Budget Tours have the advantage of the on-site Contiki Reps to help out with cooked breakfasts.</li> <li>Lunch is always on you &#8211; allows you the freedom to eat what you want and enjoy the local flavors.</li> <li>Dinners &#8211; Roughly half your evening meals are included and sometimes reflect the region where you will be staying. Included meals are sometimes prepared by the Site Reps. There are also a number of optional excursion meals and opportunities to go out and grab your own dinner on any given Concept/Budget Tour.</li> </ul> <p>One of the ways Contiki helps keep the cost of our tours low is to get you to help out a little. When staying in camp sites and Special Stopovers, instead of employing an army of chefs to cook for the thousands of people who stay in our sites every year being a cookie or a dishie is simply helping out Contiki Site Reps with either preparing food (for example, cutting up vegetables) or helping out with loading our dishwashers and drying up after a meal. Simple, easy, is often (surprisingly) a lot of fun and depending on the size of your tour group and your itinerary you may only help out once or twice during the course of any given tour.</p> <p><strong>Please note:</strong> If you have any special dietary requests, please make these known at your time of booking. Also let your Tour Manager know and they will notify the hotels and restaurants. Unfortunately, Contiki can not be held responsible for local meals that do not meet your exact requirements.</p> <p>Included meals is one of the <a href="/contikipedia/articles/concept-budget-vs-time-out-superior">differences between tour styles</a> offered by Contiki in Europe.</p>