Mt Rushmore

Last Updated: 16th Feb 2011

Created at the top of a 425 m (1,400 ft) piece of granite, Mt Rushmore is one of the largest carvings ever created on earth and is one of the symbols and icons of the United States as well as being on of its most well known landmarks.

The sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, had intended to carve the four US Presidents down to their waists but he died before he could complete the work. The faces are each 18 m (60 ft) in height and are carved with intricate detail. The four Presidents depicted are George Washington (the founder of the Union), Thomas Jefferson (Author of the Declaration of Independence), Abraham Lincoln (the preserver of the Union) and Theodore Roosevelt (the conservator of the nation’s national resources).

Mt Rushmore is in the US State of South Dakota”:/contikipedia/articles/south-dakota, also home to the Badlands National Park and Sioux Falls.



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