Mt Titlis, Engelberg

Last Updated: 6th Nov 2013

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Written by: Matt Vernick, Tour Manager, Europe

Photo credit: “Titlis Rotair – Mt. Titlis, Switzerland”, Marlo Heresco, A Travel Artist

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Mt Titlis is one of the most famous mountains in Switzerland and is offered as an optional excursion on some tours staying in Engelberg.

Titlis’ claim to fame is that it has one of only two rotating cable cars in the world (the Second is in Capetown, South Africa). To reach the summit you take a small ski gondola, change into a larger cable car and then into the Titis ‘Rotair’ for the trip to the summit. The Rotair is a rotating cable car that turns itself through a 360 degree view as it climbs towards the summit of the mountain. You have to change cable cars twice before reaching the Rotair and it takes roughly 45 minutes to travel from the valley below up to the summit.

As with all mountains in Switzerland however, Mt Titlis is all about the views. The Swiss Alps are simply breathtaking and to even try to but their beauty and scenery into words does not even come close to doing them justice. Even people from spectacular alpine areas like Canada and New Zealand agree.

The Alps are on par with the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon in terms of their majesty, size and simply out of this world scenery.

As with all mountain excursions in Switzerland, the Titlis cable cars can sometimes close due to poor weather and high winds but if it is open it is easily one of the must do things for any tour staying in Engelberg.

Depending on the time of year Mt Titlis also provides some awesome skiing, scootering and hiking so even though you take the cable cars up, you can also often other ways to come down (or just relax and ride the gondolas back down). Check out the Mt Titlis web site for more info.

Mt Titlis is offered as an optional excursion on Contiki Europe Tours visiting Engelberg.

by – Joey Maclean, Tour Manager, Europe

This is a must-do for visiting Switzerland – getting 3 different types of cable cars including the worlds first 360 degree rotating one for amazing views and reaching over 3000 meters (10,600 feet) getting the best chance to play in the snow (sit down skiing and tube rides) and even the always Swiss ice caves to explore too. Have a nice warm goulash soup and potato rosti for lunch and perhaps ride a push-scooter down the road back to the base in Engelberg. Its a free day so you have all the time in the world at leisure. Unforgettable!



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