New Zealand

Last Updated: 26th Oct 2011

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Capital: Wellington

Currency: New Zealand Dollar

Language: English and Maori

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New Zealand, the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’, is a country synonymous with 100% pure exhilaration. The pristine natural wilderness and beauty of this island nation is something that has to be seen to be believed. The adventure and partying opportunities however are also virtually boundless. Only a short plane ride from Australia, the land of Kiwis and the All Blacks is divided between the North Island and South Island, each with its own temptations.

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Natural Wonders

New Zealand has been described as ‘Mother Natures Disneyland’. As anyone who has been to the country can attest, photos simply do not do the scenery justice yet almost every photo looks like something out of a brochure.

Milford Sound | Fox Glacier

Maori Culture

The original inhabitants of New Zealand are the Maori and Maori Culture is still very much part of life in New Zealand.

Plants, animals and Rainforests

New Zealand, due to its isolation, has developed a unique and protected ecosystem. In total contrast to nearby Australia, New Zealand has only two species of mammals, no snakes and very few harmful creatures.

The most famous of all New Zealand’s animals is the iconic Kiwi and the well known Tuatara lizard but the country is also home to many other unique species of bird as well as penguins and albatrosses while you can find can dolphins in the Bay of Islands.

Many of the country’s spectacular lakes and rivers are also filled with introduced trout and salmon.

The country is home to a totally unique group of plant species that can be found only in New Zealand. There is a huge variety of forests across the country, from the moss-covered beach forests to wet, lush coastal rainforests filled with palms, ferns and the famous Nikau palms and Parry Kauri Park.

Places Contiki Visits in New Zealand

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South Island



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