Nightlife - Berlin

Last Updated: 24th Feb 2014

Germany has a reputation as being one of the European capitals of nightlife and people who travel to the capital find a huge array for bars, clubs, cafes and nightlife to explore.

Eastern Berlin is home to many small bars and clubs. When the Berlin Wall came down the rules were never clear as to the way the city would operate and this lead to squatters opening ‘illegal’ bars in small old derelict parts of the city. These were wildly popular with the swarm of people who descended on the city to be part of history in the making and celebrate this world-changing event. The most famous of these is the Cafe Zapata but the whole area around the Oranienburgerstrasse in the east of the city is filled with similar small clubs and bars. The most famously liberal club in the city is the KitKatClub in the west side of town however you must usually be in various stages of undress to get in the front door. Many of the big clubs are in the west of the city but like most cities, the clubbing scene is fickle shifting from bar to bar.

Many Contiki Tours visiting Berlin offer a Berlin Dinner and Nightlife Tour taking in many of the smaller bars in the east of the city.



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