North American Departures

Last Updated: 10th Oct 2012

north american departure

Tours sold out of the United States, Canada and the rest of North America are advertised and sold often as one, two or sometimes even three days longer than exactly the same tour sold and advertised in the rest of the world.

For example, the European Discovery Tour is sold in the US as a 14 day tour with Day 1: Depart the US – whereas in the rest of the world it is a 12 day tour with Day 1: London to Amsterdam.

As with all things Contiki, you don’t have to do exactly what the itinerary states and if you are departing from North America (or any other part of the world for that matter) you can spend a few days in your departure city before or after your tour or even join the tour after it has begun.

Other inclusions factored in for people booking tours from North America are their first nights accommodation in their destination city as well as a sleeping bag (for Budget Tours only). Camping tours also are not marketed in the United States but are still available to US residents who want to book.



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