Northern Territory

Last Updated: 3rd Jan 2014

northern territory scene

The Northern Territory is the heart of Australia’s Indigenous Aboriginal culture and is home to outback adventures, incredible nature and an array of unusual sights, activities and local characters that’ll provide memories that are unlike anything else you’ll ever know – ‘Out of this world’ is the best way to describe the experience you’ll get!

From the tropical wetlands of the north to the red soil and sparse greenery of the Red Center, it’s a place that ignites the imagination and makes everyday life seem a million miles away. In short, it’s the perfect place to escape for a great ‘outback’ adventure.

Sure we’ll take you to the unforgettable spots of Kings Canyon and Uluru where sunrise and sunset never fail to amaze, but we’ll give you other experiences just as breathtaking. We’ll take you to less well-known but equally magnificent spots such as Katherine Gorge and other secret groves.

Meeting the characters of the outback will be just as memorable.

Imagine hot air ballooning over the desert, discovering the wetlands of Kakadu, or sleeping in a swag on a cattle station seeing more stars than you ever knew possible. In no time you’ll feel the ‘spirit’ of the land deeply cherished by the indigenous Aboriginals and their mesmerizing dreamtime stories. Then you can head back to the ‘21st century’ to the hub of Darwin and discover the cultural melting pot this city has become.

Let the Northern Territory work it’s magic on you – you’ll never forget it.

northern territory canyon



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