Nouvelle Eve, Paris

Last Updated: 30th Sep 2014

nouvelle eve cabaret,paris

by – David Hackett, Tour Manager, Europe

French Cabaret is something that is typically French and a great night of entertainment to be had by all. Including usually a meal of French inspired foods and French Champagne. A great introduction to Contiki for people at the start of the tour or a farewell dinner at the end. Classy and lots of good food & drink it is very popular on hotel tours, popular on some Concept tours, also popular with females and some males who try to show the ladies they are classy.

by – David Semmens, Tour Manager, Europe

Never have I ever had anyone leave thıs show dısappoınted…. the dancing, the costumes, the champagne, the comedians, the varıous acts, the unbelievable gymnast that hangs 6 metres above the stage unassisted by her neck on a trapeze… If you thınk ıts not you… your wrong. Nowhere else can you experience a show lıke thıs Fıts ın on most tours on theır last evenıng ın Parıs, generally after dınner. Usually 75 – 80% attendance wıth a 100% satısfactıon. mostly the gırls are sold straight away, because some guys thınk ıts a bıt blokey goıng to a show.

by – Jodie Frodsom, Tour Manager, Europe

Nouvelle Eve is a cabaret show that offers a diverse range of entertainment from your cancan dancers, to trapeze artists and acrobats with a few laughs and crowd participation thrown in. It is entertaining for both girls and guys and a perfect way to start a Parisian evening.

by – Chad Hartin, Tour Manager, Europe

One of my favourite excursions is the French Cabaret. Whether it is the Moulin Rouge or La Nouvelle Eve, it is a great evening for not only all of my passengers

Still, after about 60 visits myself, it is a great evening for me! The French Cabaret is the original Las Vegas Show ( all of them ) packed into one! You have magic, acrobatics, comedy, amazing sets and costumes as well as showgirls and dancing! To top it all off, great food and drink!

How else could you imagine spending either your first or last night in Paris? I may know all the words to the music and the acts but I still love it every time! Paris is the only place in the world you can see a “French Cabaret”.

The Nouvelle Eve is a cabaret show in Paris that opens only during the summer months and is offered as an optional excursion to many Europe Tours visiting Paris.



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