Outback bush camp

Last Updated: 21st Jan 2013

by – Tash, Tour Manager, Australia and Europe

outback bush camp

One of the more unique nights on tour is when you stay at Kings Creek station and have a swag night.

What is a swag you may ask? A swag is made out of heavy duty canvas, sewn into a cocoon-like bag providing warmth, comfort and security – the ultimate of all bush beds!

You will be sleeping in a swag under the brilliant stars of Central Australia. If you haven’t used a swag before, don’t worry, your Tour Manager and Driver are on hand to help you. They will set you up so you will get a great night’ sleep. It’s a true Aussie experience and one you will never forget!

The Outback Bush Camp is home to a range of great activities, a swimming pool and shared facilities.

Your sleeping bag, swag and all equipment is supplied.



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