Palaces, Architecture and Gardens - Vienna

Last Updated: 27th Oct 2012

schonbrunn palace, vienna

People travel to Europe from all over the world to see the great and famous buildings of Paris and Rome but the Austrian capital of Vienna also offers an awesome array of visually stunning Architectural landscapes.

Many of the buildings that make Vienna such a splendid city were commissioned and built in the late 1800’s in what is known as the city’s ‘Golden Age’. By far the majority and most impressive of these are located on what is know as the ‘Burgring’, a road that follows the lines of the old walls of the city.

Most Contiki tours visiting Vienna include a guided tour of this road and see famous sights such as the Vienna Opera House, Parliament Building, the impressive neo-gothic Rathaus (Town Hall)and much, much more.

Take a stroll through one the city’s many beautifully laid out gardens and it’s hard not to be impressed by the scale and grandeur of the city’s former rulers. The Hofburg Palace, on the Bergring, is vast and along with housing a plethora of sites and museums it also supports the Volksgarten and ever-popular Hofburg Gardens. The Statpark, opened in 1862, is a short walk away and is home to the iconic golden statue of Johann Strauss Jr.

Just outside the city centre, is Schonnbrunn Palace, the summer residence of the Hapsburg royals and UNESCO World Heritage site. Formerly the site of a mill, then a hunting lodge, it was begun in 1696 as a challenge to the Palace of Versailles in Paris, and was completed under the rule of Marie Therese who also added a zoo and the amazing back garden.

The neo-gothic spire and colorful roof of St Stephens (Stephansdom) located in the heart of the city while the crypt below is home to the creepy but very cool catacombs. The University of Vienna has produced 12 Nobel Prize winners and the university district is also home to the impressive Rathaus (town hall) and the Burg Theater. The city is also home the Prater amusement park, famous most for the ‘Reisenrad’ – the second largest ferris wheel in the world (Next to the London Eye).



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