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Last Updated: 20th May 2014

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party up in florence

The party scene on Concept/Budget tours is usually different to Time Out/Superior/Hotel Tours however this will also depend on the people on your tour. As there are often up to 51 people aged 18 to 35 on any given tour and there will be people who want to party as well as many who don’t.

Time Out/Superior/Hotel Tours

Time Out/Superior/Hotel tours generally stay a little closer to the cities but you have to walk or take a cab to (or at least home) from the bars if you want to stay out late.

Generally you’ll party up with the party people from just your tour bus as well as mixing it up with some locals and the tourists from all over the world who are hanging out in your venue of choice. You will almost certainly come across other Contiki groups but with less frequency than the Concept/Budget Tours.

Concept/Budget Tour

Generally on Concept/Budget Tours there are a lot more opportunities to get involved in parties as well as there being the occasional theme party.

In places like Venice (home of the infamous Attitude Adjuster and Rome you can often find 3, 4 or even 7 groups in the same bar – Very social for mixing it up with other young Contiki people.

The party venue is often close to your accommodation so it’s a short walk to bed. You’re always within reach of the cities and if you decide to go out in the bigger cities it’s a cab or public transport ride home.


Many of the campsites used by Camping tours are the same campsites used by Concept/Budget tours so the party opportunities are often the same as that on Concept/Budget tours.

When staying in cities you are always within reach of the city itself while the very social nature of camping tours makes finding a few friends or tour mates to party in the campsite itself.

The party scene is one of the minor differences between tour styles offered by Contiki in Europe.



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