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Last Updated: 2nd Nov 2014

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The pre departure meetings are a great opportunity for you to meet your Tour Manager and your fellow travelers but also saves a lot of time the next morning.

The venue for your meeting will depend on your departure city while the time will depend on the style of tour you have chosen.

Tours Departing London

The pre departure meeting in London usually is scheduled for the night before your tour leaves.

This meeting saves a lot of time on departure morning but also is a good opportunity for you to meet your Tour Manager and your fellow travelers.

Besides for the ‘What to Bring’ section below, your Tour Manager may ask if you have any dietary needs, allergies, medical issues or any other concerns that Contiki should be aware of.

Lastly, you will be told what time to gather for the following morning departure (except the Ski Tours who leave that evening).

Meeting Times

Tours Departing London:

Please note: If you do miss the pre departure meeting you should show up on time on departure morning.

Departure times from the Royal National Hotel:

  • Camping Tours and Concept/Budget Tours: 6am departure morning
  • Time Out/Superior/Hotel Tours: 6:45am departure morning.

Please note: Contiki also allows you the flexibility and freedom to meet up with your tour at another city later in your itinerary (for example Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels).

Ski Tours

  • Ski Tours : 6pm meeting for a 7pm departure the same night.

Meeting Place and duration

The meetings usually take between 45 minutes to an hour and normally take place in the Contiki Basement or the London Coffee Shop in the courtyard of the Royal National Hotel (on Bedford Way) just opposite the London Pub.

Departing from other Cities

If your tour is starting in another city (Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid or Athens for example) you will usually meet up with your Tour Manager usually at 6pm in the lobby of the hotel where you are staying on the first evening of your tour.

You will also need to bring your passport and Contiki travel documents as well as emergency contact information and travel insurance information.

What to Bring

You should bring along to the meeting:



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