Pre departure meeting - North America

Last Updated: 7th Jun 2012

<p>More <a href="/contikipedia/articles/tour-and-travel-advice-usa-and-canada">Tour and Travel Advice</a> for the <span class="caps">USA</span> and Canada</p> <p>The pre departure meetings are a great opportunity for you to meet your Tour Manager and your fellow travelers but also saves a lot of time the next morning.</p> <h2>When and where</h2> <p>Pre departure meetings in the US are held either the evening before your tour or on the morning of departure at the departure hotels. The time and location of your pre departure meeting will depend on the city you are beginning your tour in.</p> <h2>Anaheim</h2> <p>The pre departure meeting for tours departing from <a href="/contikipedia/articles/los-angeles/">LA</a><a href="/contikipedia/articles/anaheim">Anaheim</a> will be at the Best Western Stovalls Inn at Anaheim, just across the road from Disneyland.</p> <p>The meetings take place here at 7pm the night before the tour starts.</p> <p>If you don&#8217;t make the pre departure meeting you should be at the <a href="">Best Western Stovalls Inn</a> at Anaheim between 6:30 and 7am the morning of departure for a 7:45am departure at the very latest.</p> <p>People travelling on non-US passports on tours travelling south to <a href="/contikipedia/articles/san-diego">San Diego</a> and <a href="/contikipedia/articles/tijuana">Tijuana</a> in Mexico should check the entry requirements into Mexico, have their I-94 forms (filled out at US customs upon your first entry to the US) and US entry documents on them for the next day of adventure into Mexico.</p> <h2>New York</h2> <p>Tours departing <a href="/contikipedia/articles/new-york">New York</a> have a pre departure meeting in the departure hotel at 7pm the evening before departure. Check the information sheet at the hotel reception as to the exact location of your meeting.</p> <p>If you don&#8217;t make the pre departure meeting you should be at your departure hotel between 6:30 and 7am the morning of departure for a 7:45am departure at the very latest.</p> <p>Check your <a href="/contikipedia/articles/contiki-travel-documents">Contiki Travel Documents</a> for your departure hotel.</p> <h2>Other Cities</h2> <p>If you tour starts another city (<a href="/contikipedia/articles/new-orleans">New Orleans</a>, <a href="/contikipedia/articles/orlando">Orlando</a>, <a href="/contikipedia/articles/chicago">Chicago</a>, <a href="/contikipedia/articles/vancouver">Vancouver</a> for example) usually meet up at 7am on the morning of departure. Exact information will be made available in your <a href="/contikipedia/articles/contiki-travel-documents">Contiki Travel Documents</a> closer to the time of departure.</p> <p>The <a href="/contikipedia/articles/day-sheet">day sheet</a> is also a great source of information while on tour.</p> <h2>What to Bring to your Pre Departure Meeting</h2> <p>You should bring along:</p> <ul> <li><a href="/contikipedia/articles/passports">Passport/s</a></li> <li>Your <a href="/contikipedia/articles/travel-and-accommodation-vouchers">Contiki travel vouchers</a></li> <li>Next of Kin/Emergency contact information</li> <li>US immigration documents including the I-94 form (obtained at US customs and usually stapled into your passport)for Non-US passport holders</li> </ul>