Safety and Security - New York

Last Updated: 27th Jan 2014

NYPD, new york

by – Alex McCarty, Tour Manager, North America

First-time travelers to New York are often concerned about the safety of the public transportation system and whether it is safe to be about the city at night.

Most hotels throughout the city are happy to provide guests with a map of the Subway and bus system, and both are easy to navigate day or night. It is always best to consult your map before setting out for the day; in other words, have a good idea of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there before you depart for your adventure in the city.

Don’t wander down any dark alleys, don’t talk to strangers, try your best not to look lost, or stated simply, be a traveler, not a tourist!

Because of policies designed and put in place by Mayors Guiliani and Bloomberg, New York as a whole is safer than it has been in decades, day or night. Your instincts and common sense are the best tools to use to determine how late you stay out in the city, but if ever in doubt, take a cab, don’t take a chance!



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