Last Updated: 11th Feb 2014

Blue domed churches, whitewashed houses, sheers cliffs that drop down to the indescribable azure blue of the Aegean Sea and sunsets that literally provoke a round of applause for mother nature and her emotive beauty.

If this is what you’ve always dreamed of experiencing then Satorini is it.

One of the most famous and perhaps the most romantic islands in Greece, Santorini is also nearby the Cycladic islands of Mykonos and Ios.

If you’ve ever seen the famous and iconic pictures of Greece with the blue domed churches overlooking the azure blue sea, that is Santorini, however famous views like this are only a fraction of what this island has to offer. The island, much like the rest of Greece, is scattered with small towns and villages, the largest of these being Thira, closely followed by the village of Oia, both offering shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and markets amongst their narrow streets.

Although Santorini does not enjoy the same party reputation as it’s nearby cousins of Ios and Mykonos, this does not mean that you cannot find nightlife in the town of Thira, but the biggest draw card to the island is simply it’s natural beauty. Perched atop the ancient caldera of what was once a massive volcano, the town of Oia is beautiful within itself but the cliffs to the west reputed to be one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Built on the rim of an ancient volcano, the island is also famous for it’s black and red volcanic sand beaches and some excellent white wines.

Archeology, History and Legend

What is today the island was once home to an ancient but super advanced civilization known as Akrotiri. The archeological site has uncovered the remains of an advanced culture from around 2000 BC that most proclaim to be Minoan while others claim that the region may have been part of the lost city of Atlantis. Thira is home to an excellent museum as well as the Akrotiri archaeological site.



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