Sensational Sunday at London's Markets

Last Updated: 7th Jun 2012

“On a Sunday…get up early, there’s so much going on in London to Liverpool Street tube then walk to Spitalfields Market, hundreds of independent market stalls, really really good food stalls and hectic but chilled out….

Wander on to Brick Lane via Hanbury Street…turn off to the left for the bar on the beach, bbq n sand and probably a lot of people still out from the night before….grab a corn on the cob at Cafe 1001, check out 93 Feet East and the Vibebar on Brick Lane, wander down to the market, see lots of overpriced stolen bikes, then keep wandering til you get to…

Columbia Road, the famous flower market (this is why i said get up early cos it kinda ends at around 2) the Flea Pit, the Globe and another pub also do really good food….keep walking to the end of Columbia Road and you get to the main road and Hackney City Farm where you can go say ‘hey!’ to some pigs, cows, chickens and turkeys…

Then wander up Goldsmiths Row where you’ll get to the canal and Broadway Market another nice little area with independent shops etc….and at the end of all that is London Fields where you can chill out on the grass as the sun’s going down.

You should also go up to Hampstead Heath, where you can swim in the lakes with the lovely brown water and duckies, and go up to Parliament Hill (still in the Heath) where loads of people fly their kites and you can look down on the whole of London….there’s also a really nice pub up the hill from Hampstead Station called the Holly Bush."

- Nic Faircloth, “Contiki Basement”.



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