Shoes and Footwear

Last Updated: 26th Jun 2015

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Shoes and Footwear

Shoes are important, to some people they are the only thing that matters and your choice of footwear when taking a tour is also important. It also matter what time of year you will be traveling as slushing around wearing flip-flops int he snow or ugg boots at a beach party isn’t much fun.

Summer Tours

Contiki recommends taking three pairs of shoes on any given tour:

  • 1 pair of comfortable, closed walking shoes suitable for outdoor activities.
  • 1 pair of dressy going out shoes
  • 1 pair of thongs, sandals or flip flops

Definitely take comfort over style when it comes to at least one pair of shoes. In the big cities like Paris, Rome, Sydney, Chicago, New York and Auckland you will do a lot of walking in a days sightseeing. Many tours also involve outdoor adventure activities where closed shoes are practical.

A pair of nice, going out shoes to match at least one set of going out clothes too is also advisable as on all tours you have the opportunity to attend evenings out. Open toed shoes or heals for women are fine.

Comfortable, easy to wear sandals, thongs or flip flops are also highly recommended.

At the least, one pair of walking shoes, some going out shoes and some flip flops should be enough, and if it’s not, Europe has some great shopping, North America has massive variety and shops are never out of reach in Australia and New Zealand. A nice pair of shoes from Italy, LA, New York or Chicago make a great, practical souvenir.

Winter Tours

The same suggestions apply in winter, although most people will want to trade a pair of flip flops (which are also good for kicking around hotels) for a pair of waterproof shoes in places like Europe, New Zealand and parts of North America where it may snow. Snow and ice are cold and wet and when you are slushing around in cities where there has been fresh snow, waterproof shoes will save your feet from getting cold and wet from the melting snow.

Tour Manager Opinions

“Exploring the many destinations that Contiki passes through will often mean a fair amount of walking. I would definitely recommend comfortable shoes for any Contiki tour. However, thongs are a must for those lazy days on the coach. With that said, ‘practical’ footwear will only get you so far! There are nights on tour when we will be hitting the town and both men and women should bring a nice pair of shoes to ensure that they are able to gain entry to any spot on any given day!”

- Ellen Nowakowski, Tour Manager, USA

“Bring some comfortable walking shoes as well as shoes for going out that are comfortable for walking. Girls – stilletos and cobble stone streets are tough after a few cocktails!”

- Erin Robertson, Tour Manager, Europe



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