Skydiving, Australia

Last Updated: 28th Feb 2014

skydiving, australia

by – Tash, Tour Manager, Australia and Europe

The East Coast has some amazing views so if you want to a birds eye view…maybe you can look at them while you are plummeting to earthward on a skydive??!!

Contiki offers two different Sky diving optional excursions.

Surfers Paradise is an amazingly picturesque place to skydive. The jump is 10,000ft and you will be able to check out the amazing coastal views on your way down.

Miles and miles of sandy beaches that the East Coast is famous for!
If you are a real daredevil…then the sky dive in Cairns might appeal to your more. You can skydive from a huge 14 000 ft…if you are brave…YIKES.

How much free fall do you get on these sort of skydives?
10 000 ft = 30 seconds – Surfers Paradise and Cairns
12 000 ft = 45 seconds – Cairns
14 000 ft = a HUGE 60 seconds! – Surfers Paradise and Cairns

Try it…it is really amazing!



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