Last Updated: 16th Feb 2011

<h2>Thai Food</h2> <p>There aren’t too many cites in the world that don’t have at least a few Thai restaurants but nothing beats sampling the variety of flavours in Thailand itself.</p> <p>Chillies feature heavily in many Thai foods; however you should not be put off by the heat or spiciness of Thai cooking as there are well over a dozen different types of chillies ranging from very mild to the raging hot Prig Khee Nu.</p> <p>Not just curries, but many other spices are also used in the huge variety of foods and dishes available in Thailand as is coconut and coconut milk. Lemon grass, limes, ginger and coriander are also important basic ingredients while the country is also famous for its sweet and sour, satay and fish sauces.</p>