Chateau de Cruix, Beaujolais Wine Region, France

Last Updated: 26th Nov 2013

the chateau

Situated among the green rolling hills and vineyards of the Beaujolais Wine Region of France is Contiki’s own Chateau de Cruix, one of Contiki’s exclusive Special Stopover sites.

Many of Contiki’s Concept/Budget Tours stay in the Chateau. If the Chateau is unavailable, tours stay in the nearby region or city of Lyon while some Time Out/Superior/Hotel Tours and Camping Tours also visit the Chateau for Wine Tasting.


The Chateau’s pool is great for a hot summer’s day. Chill out, relax and soak up the sun. The French have very tight restrictions on operating swimming pools and at various times of the year the pool may be closed due to these extremely stringent regulations.

Picnic at ‘the top of the world’

Tours staying at The Chateau for two nights have an included lunch of fresh French style foods and with the recommendation being that they take this lunch on a stroll through the hills and vineyards to the ‘top of the world’ – a small hill providing a panoramic view of the beautiful local countryside.

wine tasting

Wine Tasting

One of the highlights of staying or visiting the Chateau is the included wine tasting hosted by Contiki’s resident experts.

Other Activities

Take a stroll to or perhaps stop off at the local town of Thieze for an ice cream, a baguette or maybe even a wine or two for a taste of a true French country town.

The Cave

Every few nights the seemingly ancient sub-terranean cellar of the Chateau is transformed into a pumping bar with a huge sound system, dance floor and bar. ‘The Cave’ (as it is fondly known) is often home to some legendary theme paries and is often a place where travllers can really break the ice with their tour companions as well as those on other tours.

vineyards at the chateau



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