Last Updated: 6th Jun 2012

Thermopylae is a coastal region of northern Greece where 300 Spartan soldiers led by King Lionidas took a stand and held out for days against what is argued by some (usually the Greeks), to be an army of over 1 million Persians.

Thermopylae is also famous now for its hot thermal springs that are visible as you drive along the road.

Regardless of the actual numbers of Persians the Spartans faced, it is easily one of history’s greatest military feats even though it ended with the demise of the Spartans. Many Greeks maintain that it is easily the greatest military action of all time.

The geography of the area has no doubt changed a lot over the thousands of years since the great military stand of the 300 Spartans but a statue of their great leader, King Lionidas, stands near the ground where the defense of Greece took place.

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