Time Out / Superior / Hotel Tours

Last Updated: 29th Jan 2014

General Overview

The main difference between Camping, Concept/Budget and Time Out/Superior/Hotel Tours is the styles of accommodations utilized. There are however a few other differences between tour styles that you may like to take into consideration. Time Out/Superior/Hotel Tours pack in loads of sightseeing, free time, extra excursions and stay in Superior Class Tourist Hotels. This allows for:

Time Out/Superior/Hotel Tours also include:

Please note: Time Out/Superior/Hotel Tours operate year round with only some tours available in Winter. Camping and Concept/Budget Tours only operate in the summer (Departing March – September).

Where You Stay

Follow the links to check out some of the Time Out/Superior/Hotel Tour Hotels in each city.


Please note: If you have special dietary requirements (eg Vegetarian), let your Tour Manager know during the Pre-Tour meeting (a friendly reminder prior to the dinners also) and they will notify the hotels and restaurants.


Summer Time Out/Superior/Hotel Tours

Winter Europe Time Out/Superior/Hotel Tours Tours