Tour and Travel Advice - Europe

Last Updated: 15th Mar 2015

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Planning a Trip Away

Choosing a tour | Tips on Saving for a Trip

What to Pack

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or taking your first big trip overseas, deciding on what to pack is an important decision.

Suggested Summer Packing List | Suggested Winter Packing ListLaptops | Digital Memory Storage | Guide Books and Maps | Power Adapeters | Shoes and Footwear | Clothing Considerations


Suitcases, backpacks, weight restrictions and more…

Overnight bags | Suitcase or Backpack ? | Luggage Limits | Day Bag | Carry on Luggage | Contiki Basement Luggage Storage

Health, Safety and Security

Europe is generally a safe and friendly place, but here are a few tips to further ensure a safe and comfortable tour.

Health and Europe | Avoiding Jet Lag | Security | Vaccinations | Staying Healthy on Tour

Money Matters

From credit cards and cash machines to traveler’s cheques and exchange rates – it’s all here.

The Euro | Spending Money | Exchange Rates and Currency Conversion | ATM’s and Cash Machines | European Currencies | Travellers Cheques | Using Credit Cards | Tipping in Europe

Age Considerations in Europe

What’s the legal drinking age in Europe? How old are the people on our tours? Find out here!

Age restrictions for traveling with Contiki | Age of people on tour | Average Age of People on Tour | Drinking Ages

Getting Places

Low cost flights and getting to your tour starting point – check out the best way to get places in Europe.

Before you go

Passports, Visas and other things you may need to get organized before you leave home.

Travel Insurance | Visas | Contiki Travel Documents | Passports

On Tour

What you can expect while on tour.

Laundry Facilities | Pre Departure Meeting | How many people are on a tour? |
Departure times | Arrival Times | Travel Time | What if you miss the coach?

World Wide Weather and Time Zones

Find out what time is is where and what the weather will be like by following the links below.

Time Zones | Weather

Phone Calls

Mobile phones, phone cards, dialing out and more.

Making Phone Calls | Contiki eKit

Pre and Post Tour Accommodation

The best places to stay before and after your tour.

Places to stay before and after your European Tour | Booking a hotel in London

Styles of Tour in Europe

Contiki offers three styles of travel through Europe for you to choose from depending on your own personal choice and budget.

Styles of Tour | The Party Scene Camping vs. Concept/Budget vs. Time Out/Superior | Differences between tour styles