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Last Updated: 16th Jan 2015

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Planning a Trip Away

Choosing a tour | Tips on Saving for a Trip

What to Pack

Hiking shoes for the Grand Canyon, clubbing kit for Vegas, power adapters and more about what to pack for your tour…

Suggested Packing List | Digital Memory Storage | Guide Books and Maps | Power Adapeters | Shoes and Footwear | Dressing up while on Tour


…now where to put it all. Hints and tips on packing.

Suitcase or Backpack ? | Day Bag | Weight and Size Limits | Luggage Storage in Anaheim

Heath, Safety and Security

North America is a very safe place to travel, here is some more in depth info on some common concerns.

Security | Vaccinations | Travel Insurance | Avoiding Jet Lag

Age Considerations in North America

Who travels on Contiki and why ‘21’ is the magic number in the US…

Age of people on tour | Average Age of People on Tour | Drinking Ages

Getting Places

How to get to where your tour starts…

Getting to where your tour starts | Low cost flights in the USA

Before you go

Some must do’s before you leave home

Travel Insurance | Visas for the USA | Visas for Canada | Contiki Travel Documents | Passports

On Tour

What to expect once you meet up with your tour

Pre Departure Meeting | Departure Times | Arrival Times | What if you miss the coach?


Check out where you stay on tour as well as places to stay before and after you travel with Contiki

Where you stay on tour | Who you share with on tour | Where to stay before/after tour in New York | Where to stay before/after tour in Los Angeles

World Wide Weather and Time Zones

Find out what time is is where and what the weather will be like by following the links below.

Time Zones | Weather

Phone Calls

Call home from anywhere in North America, or the world for that matter

Contiki Global e-Kit

Money Matters

‘Green backs’, ‘looneys’ and more…

ATM’s and Cash Machines | Banks | Spending Money | Tipping | Travellers Cheques | Exchange Rates and Currency Conversion



Visas? Money? Where to go? Chat to us about travel.